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How many Diodenlaser treatments do I need to get hair Removal Results?

There are a lot of opinions out there about just how many sessions are required to get optimal results of hair removal with Diodenlaser treatments. If you get consultation or conduct a Google search…you’ll not find a consensus. Why?

The truth is, there is no magic number. Let’s talk about the science behind the why.

Hair grows in a cycle and can be in one of three different stages at any given time: Growth Stage, Transition Stage, and Dormant Stage. Laser hair removal only targets hair that is in the "growth stage", and any number of hairs can be in this or any other stage. Due to this process, several treatments are required.

So, when you go in for a treatment in the current month, the laser is targeting the dark pigment of the hair follicles currently active in the growth cycle. This may be about 80% of all follicles in the area. However, additional follicles will then begin their growth cycle and those hairs will also need to be targeted in the next treatment session in 4 weeks.

Over time, with multiple treatments you will significantly reduce the number of hairs producing follicles.

Treatment providers may say 12 – 15 treatments or 15-20 treatments are needed, but the bottom line is that it depends. Your body is unique. Your hair and skin colour and texture combination is unique. Your hormones driving hair growth are unique. Each person will require a customized approach to get the result you want.

Additionally, your body is a complex organism and is constantly changing. You may experience hormonal changes throughout your life that cause increased hair growth and so you may need follow-up treatments.

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